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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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7 years

So I have been in the group home 3 weeks now don't have much access to the internet right now but things are going pretty well there but like usual when you have 4 women in a house together it's pretty crazy at times especially 4 women with different mental illnesses. Brenda and I are doing well. Jo is getting married so we went dress shopping with her on saturday we had fun. but since then Jo is pulling her usual crap like making plans and then blowing them off. Today is my 7 year sobriety date and she was supposed to hang out with Bren and I and just like on my birthday something came up but its ok My casemanager took me out for an apple fritter then dropped me off at our favorite coffee shop so bren and I could have coffee I'm typing this while Bren is running an errand downtown. I'm supposed to start school on Monday but I'll have to push that back again My stepdads cousin but I consider him my cousin too and everyone calls him "cousin dave" they thought he had a stroke three weeks ago and then they said it was nothing he's fine it turns out he has a noncurable but manageable type of leukema but it caused some kidney issues and he went from totally mentally there one day to really bad dementia the next they said it could take up to two rounds of chemo for him to get his faculties back so he is sedated and restrained because he tried to rip his IV out.


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