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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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So I met with my mentor this morning her and I are doing a mentor\mentee bible study but its really cool each week is a scripture and then there are 6 journal prompts and I was telling her how i'm at peace with everything that happened including going back to the group home and I wish that Bren would get that all that went down i'm at peace with and that i was never angry with her and that none of this is her fault so she needs to not blame herself the other night my blood sugar was dropping but wasn't low yet and i tried to go get a protein bar and I kept falling down it was several times between my bedroom and the kitchen well Bren told the casemanager in charge of the group home I was going to tell her when I saw her anyway well they have a plan for when I need food but can't get it because i'm dizzy they'll have a emergency kit for me and that the other residences will know to bring that to me Brens room will be next to mine and she is really good at dealing with my lows i now had to push my school start date back again because I had covid the week I was supposed to start my stepdad still isn't happy with me going to a Christian College and I know he thinks that because of my mental impairments that I don't know how to pick a school i let him and my mom pick where I went to college after highschool and that was a disaster and I eventually had to drop out well happy saturday everyone


previous entry: entry 08

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