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My diary
by soimhere

previous entry: A week where I actually got more done than I expected!

My to-do list


I wonder if I should try making my to-do list here on BloopDiary? It might make me feel more motivated and accountable if I put it up somewhere public like this. I have been a lot more productive this week than last week, but it would still be good if I can try out the idea of using my diary as a place for my to-do list. I don't know yet if I should just keep one entry as my ongoing to-do and update it, or just make a new one each time I have a new list. On the other hand, what happens if I finish some tasks on the list but not all? Hmm. Well, let's not worry about that and I'll just go ahead and make a list to get started.

  • Groceries
  • Cleaning
  • Write articles - do keyword research
  • Deal with emails
  • Transfer photos from digital camera to computer

This is by no means the entireity of my to-do list but it's enough to get started. If I put everything on there it would be overwhelming but this is the most important/urgent stuff so it's a good start. Huh. I also see just now that there are actually online to-do list makers that offer a free plan, like ClickUp and Todoist, but for now I'll just try this and see how it goes. Since I already have an account here at BloopDiary, why not use that?



previous entry: A week where I actually got more done than I expected!


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