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My diary
by soimhere

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I'm reading Think Twice by Michael J. Mauboussin. It's a non-fiction book about the power of counter-intuition. It examines a lot of real-life case studies where a problem was looked at the wrong way and so poor choices were made about how to fix it. The examples are designed for decision-making in business, but I'm seeing where these concepts would apply to decision-making in everyday life and other areas too.

It's an especially good book to read in the pandemic, because it covers things like complex systems and what happens in a worldwide crisis (even though this book was written well before the pandemic and did not specifically foresee a pandemic).

The only criticism I have of it is that I feel from the way it's written, that the author believes there is "no room" for faith and the role of God in life and in decision-making. I plan to use the strategies in the book in addition to praying and asking God. I would never base important decisions on secular things alone. That said, there is a lot of wisdom in this book - it just does not account for anything beyond this physical world.  I would not base all my decisions via secular methods.

previous entry: My to-do list

next entry: Happy that I quit Instagram

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