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My diary
by soimhere

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A week where I actually got more done than I expected!


This week I was able to get a lot more done than I had thought. I basically tried not to get distracted by stuff. I know I can get lost in a book all too easily. But luckily, I got a lot done. Possibly because none of the books I was reading were all that engaging but hey, whatever works, right?

So about the only thing that I didn't get done, not even close to it, was yard work. But luckily, it's looking mostly OK so.... I think that can wait until next week. A small part of me is wondering if I should try to get a head start on next week's work. I suppose that could work for some things (e.g. giving unwanted clothing to the charity shop) but for other things, like cleaning and vaccuuming, it's not going to work so well. I mean, things are just going to get dirty again anyway so it's a bit silly to do 2 lots of cleaning one week and then skip the next week, so.... I'll stick with the normal cleaning routine. I should actually declutter more often though. I always seem to find something that's in great condition that I'm not using anymore. In fact I already have some items set aside to take to the charity shop and I just need to actually you know, do it.

I'm hoping next week will go well and that I'll be able to get lots done. I realized not only is it a good feeling at the time the task is accomplished, but it's also a good feeling toward the end of the week to look back and think "Oh yeah, I did that and that and that". So, here's hoping!

previous entry: Random colors

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