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My diary
by soimhere

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Random colors


Some sources of inspiration when I need a random color:

  1. - it specializes in detailed info about each color, but they also have a random color page where you get a whole bunch of different colors.
  2. Random colors at - I like this one because it actually puts the name of the color next to it.
  3. Random color generator at - This one not only comes up with the hex codes for the colors, but also gives examples of how it would look with black text and with white text on it. This is helpful if you're using it as a background color.

There are many times I find myself looking for color inspiration. Usually it's when I'm doing something design-oriented. Although a color picker wheel sounds ideal because of the almost infinite number of colors to pick from, it is often actually more frustrating than getting random colors. This is because I tend to gravitate toward the same colors every time on a color picker wheel. The picker is great for when I'm fine-tuning a color (wanting to get it a little lighter or darker for example; or less or more saturated). But when I have no idea what color I even want, that's when I prefer using a random color generator. Getting a bunch of totally different random colors is great - it means I have a starting point of things to pick from. And if I don't like any of those, I can always refresh the page (I mean if I'm using any of the color resources I gave above) and have it generate new colors. Then when I have a color that I like, it's OK if I need it to be fine-tuned; as mentioned above that's something I can do myself using the color picker on my graphics program.

I usually have a bunch of different projects on the go at any one time, so sometimes I'll be generating colors for one project when I realize "hey, this color would be perfect for my other project!" So it saves me some time when that happens. I love plenty of color, but I need random color inspiration for that, as described above, otherwise I wind up with the same-ish colors all the time.

previous entry: A productive day

next entry: A week where I actually got more done than I expected!

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