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Dead_Silence's Diary
by Dead_Silence

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What To Do?


I've known this girl for around 4 or 5 years. Met here through a friend, she was a little crazy but became better. I've recently started dating her, we go to the movies and do the normal couple stuff, hang out. Talk, laugh. She doesn't drink, smoke do drugs, she attends church which is a plus, and I know she wants to drop be the big "L" bomb on me. Sounds great right? Well it would be if i had feelings for her. I thought since i knew her I could change my dating chain and date someone I knew, instead of some random girl I found attractive because that has never worked out in the past, I'm having the same problem here, with the hugs, no spark, the kisses, nothing. I'm very complacent with the relationship, we don't argue or fight, we get along very well. I don't understand what the problem is. How do I fix this or do I just break it off? If i break it off? How would I go about it?

previous entry: Fake People

next entry: Love...

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RYC: Haha my mom has said that to me before: 'Everyone else on the road is an IDIOT.' I think I was just too concerned with all the other bits, such as checking my mirrors, getting the gears right, getting the correct lane at a roundabout... oh well, onwards and upwards!

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Just be honest, in a nice and respectful way. Let her know she's wonderful but it's just not what you're looking for. It's gonna suck no matter what, so at least by being honest, you're doing something right.

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