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Dead_Silence's Diary
by Dead_Silence

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Fake People


So many poeple wear masks. Masked demons in churches. Masked friends sitting in your house/ appartment. Masked bosses at your job. They smile and are tryin to be geniuenly nice to your face, but of course, they snarl and sneer at you once you cross that corner of your cubical or once the door shuts between you. Why are people so fake? So rude? Left handed compliments. I'd much rather the truth than a watered down lie. So remove your masks and show your faces, show those blank lifeless eyes....and then look in the mirror and see you who you all really are.

For the ones that are honest, nice and caring people regardless, I commend you and thank you very much, the world would be alot better with more people like you and I around. We are no better than anyone else, we are all equal, regardless of sex, race, age. accomplishments. We are still all God's creatures. God Bless

previous entry: My Heaven, Your Hell

next entry: What To Do?

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One time a guy told me that my smile always looked fake. I just liked smiling a lot, because I liked my life and most of the people I was around. People wear masks for protection from other people. While it sucks, I'm kinda glad that the people that dislike me are still polite to me. Hmm. Thanks for giving me some food for thought =)

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RYC: Thanks. I think he might still be holding on the only way he knows refusing me. I just want it done so I can move on with the next part of my life. As for the girl...I am who I am...I cannot change that. I grew up differently, my troubles are different. My life is on a whole different track than hers. Thanks for your comment

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