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Welcome to the Keep
by Dark Priestess

previous entry: Ugh

Well, lets see if I can write anything tonight




1) I have three awesome kids


2) My Sweetie


3) Two dogs, one cat who I love more than anything


4) My car runs


5) I have access to acupuncture and physical therapy for my bad knees and back.









Radio Delilah


Just finished a Cream Soda Dr Pepper

.:.Munchin.:. :


.:.Feeling.:. :


.:.Wearing.:. :

Yoga shorts and tank top, both black.

.:.Talking To.:.:

Nobody yet








I started physical therapy and acupuncture for my knees last week.  PT was Friday, and my therapist found that there is no strength in the muscles on the right side of my lower back.  This is pulling my leg cockeyed, and causing the Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome stuff.  It's good to know what's causing it, maybe now we can do something about it, and make sure that my knees stop bothering me for a while.

I booked a boudoir photo shoot for the anniversary of my first rape.  I am determined to make that day a GOOD day in my life, one way or another. I'm terrified and excited about this, too. I have a couple of outfits, but really want to talk to the photographer's assistant about what I should wear. I *KNOW* I'm wearing the pink bustier with the pink lace top. It's so cute! I can't wait to wear the outfits period.  I know **HE** won't care, if anything he's gonna be upset because I've spent so much money.  I really don't care, because this is more for me than anything else.  Munchkin (Fishie) will be going with me, as they are my biggest cheerleader. I'm keeping this a total secret from **HIM** because I want to give him the pictures for our anniversary this year.  We'll have been together for 10 years this October.  Longest I've ever been in a relationship. Holy hell.

I should write more, but I've got to go do my nightly routine and settle in for the night.  About time to smoke and eat some dessert, too. Maybe I'll write more after I smoke.

Thanks for reading






previous entry: Ugh

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