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Welcome to the Keep
by Dark Priestess

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1)I'm here


2)My kids are healthy


3)Da Hubband has an interview on Tuesday


4)The Troll may be moving out


5)I have a roof over my head







City of Ember


Apple juice this AM

.:.Munchin.:. :

Cherry pop tarts

.:.Feeling.:. :


.:.Wearing.:. :

blue jammies

.:.Talking To.:.:

Nobody today







Well, Da Girlfriend moved out day before yesterday. Partly because of the Troll, partly because of the never-ending mess in this house. Plus, the kids are making it very difficult to recover from the surgery. Yeah.... that's what the entry that didn't get written was about. We knew that she had a monster cyst on her left ovary, and (this is my best guess) the ultrasound techs that had been checking her out were so focused on this ginormous cyst that they weren't looking at the right side. When we went in for her pre-op ultrasound a week ago Friday, the tech finally looked at the right side, and found the baby in the right tube. So they rushed her into emergency surgery that day. She went home to her parents' house for that night, then came back here on Saturday. She managed to make it until this past Friday, when she finally got overwhelmed by the feeling she's been having that she needed to go back to her parents' for a while. She gets these feelings every once in a while, and every time she has, something REALLY bad has happened with her mom. So, she plans on healing and getting better and getting the Troll out of here, and she'll come back. So, I'm gonna hold on to that and pray that she does.

The good news is that Da Hubbandhas an interview on Tuesday. Back at the casino he first worked for when we first moved up here.

Crud, my stomach's about to do it's thing again, so I'm gonna have to go. I'll write more when I can.





previous entry: Tired

next entry: Well, lets see if I can write anything tonight

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I know this is a hard time for you right now. Hold on. Because everything's sorting itself out to get much much better. Better for you, better for her, better for him, better for the littles. Better. It is. Just don't give up, and don't let anyone take it away from you.
It's just labour. Give me one more push, girlie, you can do it.

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