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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Tonight I show the newb how to close the pharmacy. I'm exhausted. Being around people constantly is so tiring for me. This week is really kicking my ass. That said, tomorrow my friend from forever is coming over to be my guinea pig. I need practice doing portraits, and she's always willing to help. My brothers wedding is next September and I have to do their wedding instead of just being a wedding guest. Note to self: get some backup batteries for my camera. I'm making Chris be my helper at the wedding. I'll be carting things around.

Anyone have any advice for comfortable but dressed up look for when I'm taking photos? I just realized I should probably find something easy to wear that wont look frumpy for their wedding. Crap.

previous entry: Fart Wars

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When I take pictures at a wedding, I usually end up wearing dressy pants. This way when I'm bending or trying different angles it's not too uncomfortable.

Also, I completely get the people thing this week. This week has totally sucked. [teanahpea] [reply]

I was thinking that dressy pants would be the way to go, so I appreciate the knowledge you've just spread my way. Lol

It's mostly because I'm an introvert; too much social stimuli and I'm just a zombie. Having someone follow me around all week has been great for training purposes, but it's also super draining. [raen] [reply]