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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Fart Wars


For a photo entry, go to the previous entry. 

Now, onto the good stuff. So we had a big turkey dinner last night at Chris' family home. Afterwards, we were sitting in the living room and Chris informed us that our car ride home would be filled with turkey farts. His brother, Nick, was less than enthused. I, on the other hand, find farts absolutely hilarious. Toilet humour is essentially my bread and butter. Along with puns, and dad jokes. LOVE IT. The car ride was surprisingly lacking in turkey farts, but we saw a billion deer on the way back home. We also watched a great lightning show as we drove. It was spectacular, and we figured we were going to drive into a store. The rain started immediately in a downpour as soon as we dropped Nick off at his house. We had to drive forty from his house to ours because the visibility was so bad. Once we were home, we went right to bed. The reason is because we left his parents at nine, and got home at ten-thirty. Bit of a drive. Totally worth it. My phone has no signal out there. It's kind of awesome.

Anyway, so we were getting all snug, and Chris decides to fart on me. He's usually the little spoon and I'm the big spoon because I like to hold his beard as I fall asleep (it's braided, don't ask me why I'm so weird). He just let's one rip. And we explode into giggles. So, of course I need to participate, and turn over so my butt is against his. He keeps trying scoot away, but we're both laughing hysterically at this point, and he can't really get away. And I let one go. Now, at this point, we're laughing so hard gasps and snorts are all that are coming out of us. If anyone were to witness this, they would think we were crazy and disgusting. But the couple who farts together, stays together. LOL 


previous entry: Things....and photos

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I’m close with my siblings my sister is some days my best friend and my favorite travel partner, but growing up she had to pretty much raise me so she’s more of a mom and gets on my nerves with her crazyness. She’s gone through a lot in her life to where she feels her way is the only way. [Bridgett] [reply]

Sounds like you had a great day!! [teanahpea] [reply]