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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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So my brother got married this weekend. It was great. The bridesmaids were full of unncessary drama that has ended in the bride no longer speaking to one of them. She's also not talking to her father. Holy shit, right? Shit really hit that family fan. What did my brother marry into exactly? Oh well.


I did the photography for their wedding. And if you're wondering if that took the joy out of it for me, you would be right. It super duper sucked balls to have to work at my brothers wedding while being a guest. Yep. I'm currently in the midst of editing, and showing some of the work online. I have their permission, just a heads up. The funniest part of this whole thing is that a friend of mine, who I have known for quite some time, just now finally realized I take photos on the side. Lol Way to pay attention, friend. She's interested because she needs a photographer for her wedding next year. From what I was told, she bought a camera and was planning on getting a random friend to do the photos. Yeah. You read that correctly. She's not exactly paying for her wedding and somehow wants to cheap out on her wedding photos. I can tell you right now, I've seent he result of someone who just let someone else take photos. Most of the photos were a blurry mess and the bride only got maybe three decent photos. That said, do I want to do this? I'll actually get paid if I do the photos for this wedding. My brothers wedding was a gift because I know they couldn't afford one. 


And if I do decide to do this, what I do I charge? I'm new at weddings. I don't think I should charge a crazy amount. I was thinking if I do it I'd go with $1000. I wont be a guest at this wedding; I'll be working and will have to deal with a ridiculous amount of drama and nonesense. You don't think so, but I saw so much bullshit on Saturday before the wedding itself. My new Sister-in-law had a sister who is a huge see you next tuesday. Unbeliable behaviour. She was just terrible.

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I WANT TO KNOW EVERY BIT OF WEDDING DRAMA, please? I live vicariously through other people's nonsense these days. x [The RyanStar] [reply]

Lol! I'll write an entry for you. [raen] [reply]