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fart jokes are the best
by raen

previous entry: June 19th 2021

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July 8, 2021


Good afternoon readers!!


So yesterday I picked up my wedding dress! Months in advance! And two of my three bridesmaids also picked up their dresses. The other one is in Toronto and only just now got back to work so she hasn't had the money to order hers. Which is fine because the wedding isn't for a while. My dress fits perfectly, the only alterations needed are to hem it because I'm short and the dress is long, and to add the bustle so that I don't trip on the train or anyone else trips on it. It's not a long train, but it's long enough. Shit is getting real!


Chris is a little nervous about getting married. He was terrified of telling me and then when he did and I didn't blow up he was almost immediately relieved. I told him it was natural to feel nervous about it, and it's not like every single day I'm like "wwwooooo" I informed him that sometimes I have a nervous moment too. It's a big thing. But at the same time, our lives aren't going to change drastically. We're still going to be us.  


My mom bought the hairpiece I'll be using instead of a veil. It's gorgeous and rose gold with flowers and beads. Sort of matches the dress without being too on the nose. It's coming together nicely. I will not be wearing heels. I have a pair of white Keds I'll be adding either navy blue ribbons to instead of laces or burgundy ribbons. Haven't decided yet. It'll probably be navy blue for my something blue. Not that I'm traditional. There will be no garter/bouquet toss at my wedding. No thank you.

previous entry: June 19th 2021

next entry: July 10, 2021

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