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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Hilarious Theft Story


Today was not a first, but definitely one of the funnier theft events in my career at my current employment. Today, a woman walked by two people on cash, while on her phone, with a basket full of merchandise. And she kept going. Brazen as all can be. So of course, I followed her out, because at first I thought maybe she had denied paying for a bag and was carrying everything to her car. Not unusual, but not typical either to take a basket out of the store. But no. No, this woman decided that she was going to take all the merchandise, basket included, and just leave. Without paying. Two ladies were outside waiting for a ride and saw her. They told me she just walked, really fast in a certain direction. She had gone past the point I was allowed to go, so I ran in and grabbed my boss. He left and got everything back. First, she tried to say she paid, but had no reciept to prove. And then she tried to still take a few items, hidden in a flyer. He got everything back. What. The. Actual. Fuck. LOL The balls ob some people.


Don't be like that lady, folks. People do notice when you think you're being clever. 


Also, we don't give a flying fuck why you're buying awkward items. Explaining why you're buying Anosul or Depends is way too much information. I can tell you with the utmost confidence that no cashier cares why you buy what you buy. Ever. Zero fucks. Cashiers only care if you're making their job difficult. 

previous entry: Ugh, I'm sick. Interesting descriptors inside!


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People are shameless! I worked as a cashier at a museum back in the day, and CHRIST, you do not realise how terrible the general public are until you serve the general public at a cash register. Terrible people, all! X [The RyanStar] [reply]

That woman has some serious issues. Oof. What is wrong with people!

[-LOKIStar] [reply]

That's not even the weirdest thing to happen. People will steal one condom out of a box, or all but one condom. They'll take the tube of Orajel out and leave the box. Open a bag of bread and take one slice but leave the rest spread out on the shelf. So very strange. [raen] [reply]