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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Feb 15th


Today is Friday. I work all weekend, including the holiday Monday. I have not much to say today. There is a lot of drama at work going on, but I don't really feel like going over it again. It's draining and far too ridiculous to even comprehend. These are adults I work with. I just don't understand their behaviour. I don't understand all the gossiping and the entire blaming everything on each other thing. I just want to go to work and do my job. 


I guess today I just got over it all. I am applying for other jobs now. I just applied to work at the bank I currently bank with. They have an opening downtown; it's close to home for me. Closer than where I currently work, although I did apply for the location across from my work as well. Why not. We'll see how it goes. The other major employer in the city is the hospitals. I'm keeping an eye on that as well for openings. 

previous entry: Home

next entry: Health(TMI), Cake, and Metal Shows


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I should have clarified benefits. I'm being put on Matt's insurance so I'll still have insurance - I have to because of being Type 1. I meant vacation and PTO. At Coram I started the year with nearly three weeks vacation. New job gives me 12 days - which is nothing to sneeze at but losing over a week hurts. [.like.a.drug.Star] [reply]

Workplace drama is the WORST. I will never, ever understand how adults can act so childish! [.like.a.drug.Star] [reply]

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