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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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Health(TMI), Cake, and Metal Shows


So my health is always sort of on the forefront of my mind. I'm always thinking about what my body might react to and all that jazz. I get so focused on this autoimmune disease that I forget sometimes that there are other things that could happen to you. Like, as a woman, did you know there is a gland near your lady bits that can get inflamed and angry? It's called a Bartholin Gland. And if it happens once, it can happen again. About four years ago I experienced this horrible thing. It makes it near impossible to walk, sit, recline, anything. It's sore, uncomfortable, and, frankly, embarassing to talk about. But I'm going to talk about it, because one in ten women experience it and clearly no one talks about it. Which is fair. 


When we bought the house, it didn't come with a bathtube. I got over that because our walk in shower is a piece of art. The point is, I had already told Crhis about my situation because he was part of the reason it happened. Particularly rough sex can make it happen, ladies, so beware. He felt bad but also thought it was hilarious. I started out with hot water bottles placed in strategic places, but yesterday it all came to a head and I told him I needed to purchase a sitz bath. We got one when we were out doing errands before the storm. He mercilessly made fun of me, calling me an old lady, and what not. Which is fine; the situation is partially funny. And it helped make the situation less awkward for me. He felt bad that he had a part in my discomfort, and before we picked up the sitz bath, he was bringing me hot water bottles in bed. The sitz bath did what it was meant to do, though. Within minutes of sitting, I had comfort, and the swollen gland began to drain. That said, it was gross, but having been through it before, not unusual or alarming. The relief is almost immediate when that happens.


Later we went out and got cake because I'm also on my period, and cake is life. It's delicious. Don't judge me; I'm about to have another piece. I also made french toast for dinner at Chris' request.


Thursday Chris' band (Sovereign Council) had a preliminary round show for the Wakken Festival in Germany. Their first round was in Ottawa. First of all, what the hell is wrong with Ottawa's lack of ability when it comes to snow clearing? It's brutal, folks. Second, they beat out the fan favourite for this round. They played several of their new songs, and I had the benefit of knowing the lyrics to them. Super handy. They also played some of their older stuff. They kicked ass. The next round is in Montreal. If they win that, I think they go to Toronto, and if they win THAT, they go to Calgary. If they win Calgary, they go to Germany. Pretty sure I can only go to the Montreal show. Such is my work life. Anyway, I remind you, check them out on youtube. They have loads of great stuff. If you're into bands similar to Kamelot, you'll ike them.



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