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Learn to love yourself
by raen

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December 9, 2022


I'm alive. I've been focusing on making my bedroom as cozy as possible. It's been distracting me helpfully. There was a little while when sleep was eluding me and I had to resort to the local cannibas shop by my work and get some sleepy time edibles. Worked like a charm. 


I had to block Chris on everything. Despite my asking, he kept messaging me about how much he regrets the breakup. Oh, excuse me, but after finding out you dumped me for a woman who didn't even say yes to you, the very idea of you makes me want to throw up. He acted like the wounded party when he discovered I had begun blocking him from texting/calling. I think there's going to be quite a bit of time before I recover from this. That's okay, though. Six years is a long time, and to have that suddenly just gone is shocking to say the least.


Kaitlin and I are going to NYC in April 2023, and probably Vegas October 2023 with Kai coming to the Vegas trip. It'll be fun. By then I might even be a little less morose. 


Work has been interesting. Amanda (Purple Hair) has decided I'm a threat to her interest in Ian (another of the management team) because he and I like to chat and work together. We've done this for quite some time, but she only began feeling threatened when I suddenly found myself single. Let me point out that she just thinks that because she's interested him ( a feeling that is unrequited and made clear to her already by Ian), then I must be as well. I'm not. He's not my type. Super nice guy, and we both like to talk about astronomy and books, but he has at least one habit that is in the deal breaker category for me. Also dude is so anti-social I doubt he actually has any friends outside of work. And he likes it that way. We're both fine just being friendly at work. That's the extent of social interactions.

previous entry: It continues!

next entry: Thoughts while alone

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