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Non iam
by wugs

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So yeah, I've been meeting people online because it's super fun. Well, through Tumblr I have grown to love Supernatural, and I follow people based on that. So savvy is someone I have followed for a while that is fairly popular who is pretty awesome. I met her in a tinychat with a mutual, closer friend (and IRL friend of hers, Tumblr friend of mine). She kept complimenting me and ohmygod I didn't know how to take it. Like, it wasn't an interested sort of compliment, just her being nice and dasjhfas. She literally said "there are so many attractive people in this tinychat. CHRIS I AM LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU" and ahfbsajdfhsj :'3 it made me feel so nice. I have ALWAYS been self-conscious about my looks. I have just always thought that I'd be loved solely for my mind and my body would just be an obstacle a guy got over but... *hope*.

And she's pretty herself, so it's not like I have any reason to distrust her or anything. And I know this all sounds vain and superficial, but for ONCE I am able to look at myself and say, Hmm, maybe that can be attractive to others. It's...different.

Gah. Sometimes I really wish I could participate in teen relationships, if only to get experience in these sorts of things. Wouldn't a boyfriend say I look nice? See, that's something I miss with friends. They'll compliment on daily changes like clothing or a haircut, but they don't mention attractiveness.

This has been a post.

hueurerhg awkward human being time


lithium layouts.

previous entry: Because I can...

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Supernatural is the shit. *thumbs up* Follow me on tumblr if you want:


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