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Non iam
by wugs

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Gender survey



from Bubblegum Bimberly

1. Are you male or female?

2. What does this mean to you?
I see my sex and my gender as male, so I have male parts and I dress like a male, carry myself like a typical male, etc.

3. If, in real life, someone thinks you are the opposite gender from what you are (eg. you're a male and they call you madam, or you're a female and you hear someone refer to you as 'he') how do you feel (eg. offended, embarrassed, amused, angry, unfazed, flattered)? Or if this has never happened, how would you feel if it did?
It hasn't happened since I was a kid, but if it did I wouldn't really be offended, just kind of confused, I guess.

4. Why do you feel this way?
I'm pretty masculine. My hair is relatively short, I'm lanky and flat everywhere, and I'm too lazy to shave so I always have some hair on my face.

5. Do/would you say anything to correct the person?

6. If this happens on the telephone (so they don't see you, but they make the assumption from your voice) how do you feel (or how would you feel) and why? Would you correct them?
I would still be pretty confused because I have a fairly deep voice, but I'd just correct them without a drama.

7. If this happens on the internet (so the assumption is made from your writing style - imagine you haven't posted a pic of yourself) how do/would you feel and why? And would you correct them?
This one happens a lot. I seem to have a very female mindset about things, plus the whole gay thing means I might talk extensively about men, so I can understand this mistake. Plus, my names never help (chris is genderless, chrishy and chrishee are feminine, and my newest is wugs which no one gets at all!) I'd correct them, but I definitely am never annoyed, confused, or embarrassed because I understand their confusion.

8. Other than your genitalia and boobs or lack thereof, how do you know what gender you are? Do you have an internal sense of being male/female? Or a cultural sense?
Internal mostly, but I think that is defined by what I learn culturally to be "male". Basically, no one can tell me my gender, but I use my surroundings to define gender, I guess.

9. If you could magically change your gender temporarily (without operations or hormone therapy - just magic change with no side effects) would you?
(I define sex as what you describe, but gender as personal views regardless of genitalia/hormones, but I understand from your context...) Nope.

10. Why or why not?
I like being gay. I like masculine guys, and I like being a masculine guy, and I like the idea of two masculine guys together. I'm not really "curious about the other side" as I've heard, either. I know what women are like. And I don't grieve over not experiencing a female orgasm or any of that junk, either.

11. If so, how long for? (Imagine you have to decide the time frame before the change)

12. If you could magically change your gender permanently, would you?

13. Why or why not?
same as above

14. Do you ever try to come across as ambiguous in gender, so people don't know what gender you are? (this can be on the internet, or in real life - specify which you do)
I never try.

15. If so, why? If not, why not?
I am confident in my gender, so I don't feel a need to do so.

16. If you see someone and you can't tell what gender they are, do you try to work it out, or do you not think about it?
I try to work out what gender they want to be viewed as, regardless of sex, if that's what you mean.


lithium layouts.

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Cool. Yeah, chiaromezzo was telling me about the terminology in the US. Where in the UK we talk of biological gender versus gender identity, you guys talk of sex versus gender. But yeah, question 9 should say 'biological gender', strictly speaking!
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