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More To Me Than What Meets The Eyes
by I Can Only Imagine
The Woman
I’m a woman that knows what she wants, and has what she wants in her life and her heart and that’s all that really matters to me. I've gotten my priorities straight with the help of God giving me much needed slaps in my face when needed and you better believe it is always needed. I have learned that everyone has a purpose and a calling in their life and mine is to help others.

I have amazing friends and an awesome family who loves me and supports me through thick and thin and while drives me crazy at the end of each day they truly love me for who I am. The story line to how I got to the amazing life I have now is sad tragic and sometimes down right funny but God assisted through it all and is there every day, night and especially early mornings.

Any free time that I do have that is not taken by the most important things which are working and school - you’ll find me either with family, at church or with friends and in that order.

This blog is like my sanctuary from the storm. The one place that I will write about how I feel and what I think about things in my world. I welcome any input, advice and even criticism but in the end please remember that this is my blog and treat me like you would want me to treat you. Its that simple.

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