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Doing my best...That's all I can do.
by Just_live

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No more internet


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At least not for a little while, but it's cool.
I can live without it obviously.

I'm going to the ZOO tomorrow!!!!
I'm so freakin excited.
It's going to be me, Jake, and Cody.
We want to take him because he's never been, and it'll be good practice for our kid.
I've looked up so much stuff, and I have lots of special stuff planed out for the both of them.
It's going to be so fucking amazing!

We're talking to someone about a two bedroom house.
It's three hundred a month and Jake might be able to work for the guy to pay some of the rent.

Everythings been really weird so lately.
I've had days were I feel like shit and days were I feel awesome.
I've been cleaning FAR worse than ever.
I just want everything to be in it's place.
Don't really know why, it's like an obcession.
I've been trying REAL hard not to let my hormones get in the way of things.
The other day I even picked out a new swimsuit and I was happy with it.
Took me about TWO hours, but it's whatever.

I finally got my Kitten.
She's so pretty.

Gotta go.

love must be as much a light...
as it is a flame.


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Good luck on getting the house!!

Have have at the zoo!

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