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Doing my best...That's all I can do.
by Just_live

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If only


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Today has been a rough one.
I accidentally made Jake late for work by like an hour.
I though he had to go in at four, when he REALLY had to go in at two.
Big oopsie on my part.
Then after he left I spent all day cleaning.

Our room looks WAY better than it did before, and we also have a closet now.
I decided to get rid of all the old boxes that mom had in there because we needed the space.
I also went and bought some hangers, so we can hang up our clothes.
I must say I love what i've done with the place.

Now all I really feel like doing is taking a shower and getting a REALLY good foot massage.
Because my feet hurt a lot.
Yesterday I was sick all day, I still feel kind of weird.
But it's way better than it was.
I went to the hospital at 7 something, and they finally let me go around 12 I think.
I was passing a kidney stone, and my back hurt SO bad.
Once they gave me whatever they did for the pain it dulled it though.
The stuff they gave me for my vomiting didn't work unless I was asleep though.
Every time I woke up I threw up.
But at about 9 or so last night it passed and I was all better.
I have to call my doctor tomorrow though because for some reason they want to send the stone off for tests, which is both weird and grose.

Me and Jake had a long talk again last night.
He's worried about getting everything ready before the baby gets here.
I know it's stressing him out.
Hopefully I made him feel a little bit better about it though.
I really do love him.
Yeah, we fight about stupid shit.
And right now i'm a hormonal nut job.
But it doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day all I want is to be laying next to him, and loving him.
That's what makes it interesting, we don't have every last little thing in common.
We have our differences.
And we sure as hell don't think a like on a lot of things.
But it never gets boring.

I really do love my life with him.
And that's all that matters.

Anyway, i'm going to get the next load of laundry in, and then i'm taking a shower.
Because I need one, BAD.


love must be as much a light...
as it is a flame.


previous entry: This is what I want to say to you...

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ewww kidney stones.

[BrownEyedMonkeyStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I need to get more hanger and clean up our room. Badly.. Lol And do laundry.

I've never had a kidney stone but I heard they are not fun! Thankfully youve passed it!

[sincerely me♥|0 likes] [|reply]

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