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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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youre not so perfect


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your not as perfect as you think you are. your fat and balding and have no right to judge other people. i hate the way your racist. i hate the way your sexist. i hate the way you think your better than anyone else particuarly your own family. i hate how you play video games till all hours of the night and wont perform your husbandly duties. our first 2 children were made without you even being in the same i didnt cheat on you i just stole your swimmers and put them inside myself hoping and praying it would work.
i hate the way you expect so much but give little in return but most of all i hate how much i love you.

previous entry: Wishful Friendship

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Sounds a little.. Odd
Reminded me of 50 things I hate about you or w/e that movie was lol [A mother's journey*] [reply]

"you're" [.erodium.] [reply]

except that no one in 50 Things I Hate About You never stole someone's sperm to turkey baster themselves lol
[Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

Why be married to someone you feel this way about... and that you have to steal sperm from?! [.Blue Bella.Star] [reply]

i'm so confused. how to do you steal someone's sperm while they're out of town?
[.Samma.] [reply]

Good point, Samma [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

I hate your terrible grammar. [girlsetsfireStar] [reply]

i hate that you don't know the difference between YOU'RE and YOUR [fearless♥love] [reply]

Settle down, Miley Cyrus [Mojo Jojo] [reply]

hahahahahahaha [MoreThanEnoughStar] [reply]

If he was so bad why would you get pregnant? Gahhh!!!! [A mother's journey*] [reply]

FUCKIN LOL you turkey basted yourself!?

[Betch.] [reply]

Where does Bloop find these people....SMDH

Yep...I was here! [SproutStar] [reply]

Maybe he stays away from you for a reason. Maybe it's because YOU'RE slightly unbalanced. [Scruddle] [reply]

I am sorry.... but... bwahahahahaha. seriously?!?!? [DocStar] [reply]

That sucks he's like that but why they hell would you want to have his children then? [*Ariana*] [reply]

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