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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Planning to Cheat


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I'm actively planning to cheat on my husband with an ex. I've even convinced my husband to go on a business trip so I can ask said ex to come and visit. I love my husband very much, but after ten years of marriage, I figured it's time to lick another ice cream cone. The same flavor can get tiring.

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would it not be best to tell your husband you'd like to spice things up a bit in the bedroom? maybe he's having the same urge to change flavors too. [MoreThanEnoughStar] [reply]

Are you sure you want to do this?? Once you cheat you can never go back and un-cheat... No matter how badly you wish you could undo it. I don't think that's fair to your husband, how would you feel if he did it to you? [HippieMamaof4Star] [reply]

I hope your husband cheats on you while out of town on this business trip. [.Marissa.Star] [reply]

Agreed - Exactly what I was about to comment.

May the odds be ever in your favour.
[-LOKI] [reply]

I agree marissa, I hope your husband cheats too. That's very skankish. [A mother's journey*] [reply]

What Marissa said plus how can you love someone and plan to hurt that person like that? Heartless [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

If you feel the need to cheat on your spouse then maybe you should rethink your marriage.

Once you do it, you can't go back. [Beautiful.ChaosStar] [reply]

if you're unable to taste the same flavor forever, and/or tell your husband you'd like to spice up your sex shouldn't have gotten married.
how would you feel if he said/did that to you?
you ought to be ashamed if you go through with it, that's truly despicable. [insatiable.pull] [reply]

This is just awful. I feel so bad for your spouse. [recklessly abandonedStar] [reply]

that doesnt sound like you love your husband, your disrespecting your marriage, i feel REALLy bad for your husband... [The Crafting Wife] [reply]

What all of the above says... [Khoquetishღ] [reply]

What's the point in being married if you are tired of that ice cream flavor? I don't mean to be rude, but marriage isn't about cheating. You made a vow when you got married to him and to cheat would be to break that vow. [Comment Whore™Star] [reply]

It's people like you who make me thank God I'm single. [SpineMelter2000] [reply]

Been with my husband for 11 years. He's been deployed twice. Never ONCE have I even thought about cheating on him. You are a disgrace to faithful wives.

Either pull your head out of your ass or end your marriage. Cheaters are less than scum.

-- [Love, RebekahStar] [reply]

On this day, Love,Rebekah won the interwebs.

[Betch.] [reply]

What can I say? I hate cheating slut bags.

-- [Love, RebekahStar] [reply]

Zero fucking sympathy for you, i hope you get caught and he runs you straight into the fucking ground during the divorce and leaves you for fucking broke. Stupid.

[Betch.] [reply]

It's honestly because of women like you that us faithful women get treated like shit.

I also hope that your husband cheats on you with a more BEAUTIFUL woman then you.. and not to mention i hope he divorces you.

you don't deserve to be married. [Uniquely_Designed] [reply]

My wife cheated on me, it was the most life rending thing to ever happen to me.

Cheaters are cowards. It is the biggest taboo to make a promise like the one you made and then go back on it. If you can't be faithful, you really shouldn't have married.

Trust me on this, you don't Truly love him if you are willing to break his heart by cheating. Think of the most heartbreaking thing that has ever happened to you, and realize it's nowhere near as bad as finding out your spouse was doing someone else behind your back.

I feel so incredibly sorry for your husband, that he's stuck with someone that is so dishonest. [eadigteon] [reply]

If you are married, you should not have a sliver of a plan nor desire to cheat on your husband with anyone and if you do then you may want to file for divorce in the process. Cheating is not an act of love and marriage is a long term commitment. If you are tired of the same "ice cream" flavor, do something different in the bedroom with your husband. [ღMissyMeStar] [reply]

The fact that you seem proud of this is sickening to me.

Yep...I was here! [SproutStar] [reply]

You're the reason the good guys turn into assholes. I agree with all the comments here and wish they had a like button so I could like them. You don't deserve to be married. There's a special place in Hell for people like you. [Scruddle] [reply]

Does no one care about the sanctity of marriage these days? You knew full well what you were getting into when you took those vows with your husband. It makes me sad that people treat marriage as if it means nothing. [le miel et la lune] [reply]

If you are that unhappy divorce him because cheating is disgusting you don't know what your ex has and you can catch something and pass it along to your husband. I really hope you don't cheat and if you feel the need to divorce your husband because you don't deserve him [RN89] [reply]

dont let these ppl judge u... They all have thier own skeletons!! [twistedlady] [reply]

granted this may be true.. some of us or most of us have skeletons. but question, How would you feel if someone you love cheated on you? [Uniquely_Designed] [reply]

Once you do this, you wont be able to stop.
And when your husband finds out then what will you do? [AmyLou ] [reply]

maybe you should try to spice things up with your husband if you are that bored with him. cheating is such a hurtful thing to do. [fifty shades.] [reply]

Right now I would give almost anything to have my soon-to-be-ex husband the way he was 2 years ago, when we were happy. Now I live alone with my cat but I'm getting out and doing things.

The point is that no one appreciates the sanctity of marriage anymore. He didn't cheat, but he broke the vow of loving me 'til death do us part'. You make me sick! There's a special place in hell for people like you. Just hand him the divorce papers and let him move on. There's someone out there for him that isn't a cheater and doesn't need a new 'flavor' of ice cream.

[Just Blu] [reply]

Jesus jumping fuckity longlegs! Hoping this is actually a troll post... [DocStar] [reply]

If you have to think about cheating on your spouse then theirs no point of your marriage anymore. Your disrespecting the women out there that are faithful. I mean everyone here is bashing you but its the truth. Theirs gotta be a reason why you have to think about cheating. Cheating never enters my mind with my man. He pleases and satisfies me in everyway. If you gotta think about moving to someone else, somethings wrong. Either end your marriage or get counseling. [Whitney MarieStar] [reply]

You say, "I figured it's time..." as if you've earned the right to do what you're planning. Karmas a bitch. [Ehm] [reply]

what is the point in cheating, you've been with the guy for 10 years! your really going to throw all of that away just for one night of fun with your ex. [Victooreeaaa] [reply]

It's ok. [herecomstherain] [reply]

Just remember that if he finds out, that you cheated , and also PLANNED to cheat, he may leave. Always a risk. [Mommy2Aiden] [reply]

I really think you should examine polyamory and see if that's more your thing. Better that, which is honest, than lies. [LilithBlackDragon] [reply]

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