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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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I miss you girl...


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I rarely talk about a certain person out loud anymore but I am going to break that just for a second cuz they will probably not ever see this anyways. I am stronger now. I’m not ashamed to admit how I feel. When it comes to the ones that I love, I have no pride. I miss you, even though you do not deserve it at all. And I think about you all of the time. And I wish that we could have talked it out so that none of this was happening now. And even though I am done trying, my heart will always be believing in you and what could be. Because it could be so beautiful. I’m sad and I will always be sad because you aren't here. So, there is my confession. And now I will go back to being good and quiet. ♥

previous entry: Craigslist

next entry: Still thinking of him


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I know the exact feeling [XoXo M] [reply]

I spent 9 years in the exact place you are. I then got what I wanted and .. well I was in love with something that my mind created, the reality was a nightmare [CamFatale] [reply]

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