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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Still thinking of him


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I have been with my husband for 8 years but the other day an ex started talking to me I told my husband once he got home from work but, it stirred so many emotions within I am lost in what to do. If it was just me and him the possibility of me cheating would be close to 75% but me and husband have a kid so that lessens it a bit. Ex said so many things that I needed to hear and have not heard in a long time. Things have been strained between me and husband but how much effort does it take for him to tell me I look good once in a while when someone I have not talked to in 10 years can talk to me a few hours and have me smiling for days. I go out of my way to try and talk to husband but beside one word answers I get nothing. i am hoping it is just all the stress going on and these feelings leave but what if they don't?

previous entry: I miss you girl...

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cut the ties with the ex completely. i just went through a divorce that involved custody of a small child and it SUCKED big time. if there is any way whatsoever of making it work with your husband, try it. if you feel he doesn't give you enough compliments, TELL HIM, but not in a way that comes off as bashing. people get used to being with each other and passion fizzles out. but that will happen in pretty much every relationship over time. [MoreThanEnoughStar] [reply]

Okay so your having marriage problems.. Cheating won't solve that.
What ever happened to for better or for worse?! Marriage isn't easy and whoever told you it was sugar plums and gum drops lied.
Don't throw your marriage away because he doesn't tell you every day your pretty.

People these days are so quick to just give up on marriage sad.
I feel bad for your husband.. 75% you'd cheat, end the marriage first and save him the embarrashment of your skankish ways. [A mother's journey*] [reply]

mental note: Never get married. Everyone ends up cheating/thinking of cheating in the end. [LN] [reply]

you stinker that is SO not true! it's all about finding the "right" person. whether you're married or not. [.Samma.] [reply]

First off, cheating on your husband isn't the solution to your problems. Secondly, you do need to stop talking to your ex. The only reason why you feel an attraction to him is because you haven't heard these things from your husband. You need to sit down and talk it through with your hubby or get into marriage counseling if talking to him on your own isn't helping.

Marriage is work. And its not always going to be happy or easy. If you don't tell your husband how you feel, he won't know there is a problem. And if he doesn't know the problem exists, it won't get fixed. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

agree with the above. cheating won't fix or help things, it will make it worse. talk to your husband. discuss what's bothering you that he does or doesn't do. if you can't communicate with your spouse, you shouldn't be married. if you don't TELL him, how will he know you're unhappy? as much as we wish or believe, men, even husbands, are not mind readers. and don't deserve to be cheated on because they're not. [insatiable.pull] [reply]

If I were you, I would eliminate all contact with your ex. You are in a marriage now and if those feelings for your ex are resurfacing, there's a problem. You need to fight for your marriage. Your feelings should never be disregarded in a relationship and you should communicate with him about how you have been feeling and look for a common resolution. [ღMissyMeStar] [reply]

He's an ex for a reason. It's called a breakup because it's broken. But if the ex is the bees knees, you owe it to your husband to be honest with him. My husband doesn't tell me every day that he thinks I'm beautiful or I look good. But I know he does. I know he loves me. And no matter how bad things are with your husband, he doesn't deserve to be lied to or cheated on. And the same goes for you if the roles were reversed. Speaking of that, do you tell your husband every day that he's handsome? [Scruddle] [reply]

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