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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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I Don't Even LIKE Him Anymore


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I've been with him a long time.

We live together.

But...I've got to find a way OUT of this damn relationship.

It's all the little things that get to me - his refusal to see a doctor when he gets sick, his ferocious temper, his manipulation of the truth to get out taking responsibility for things, the fact that he's an overgrown 12 year old, the way he yells at me when I try to get him to do something responsible like an adult, the way he says he doesn't want to be treated like a 5 year old yet in a lot of ways he acts like a spoiled 5 year old, etc etc etc etc etc....

A few years back, we took a year off and were apart. After a short time of being sad that the relationship had ended, I quickly got over that and was getting happy about being single.

Then he called me and begged me to let him come back.

I should have told him to fuck off. I regret not doing so.

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PhotobucketI think most men are like this. [A.Classic.Disaster] [reply]

Been there, done that...6 years later, we are finally apart for good and I couldn't be happier. it didnt end well, but it doesnt really matter at this point. I hope you find your way out! [A Thousand Miles] [reply]

i hope you find a way out.
i remember being with someone for a year or more and it was just crappy. acted like a damn child. i finally found the courage years ago and said GO AWAY. it was the best thing ever. [ms. burtStar] [reply]

then simple... find a friend or a place to stay... even a family... tell him you need to get out of the relationship and leave... there should be no excuses why you are still with this person... i never understood "i cant get out of the relationship" the answer is YES YOU CAN... unless you have no one/where to go, no womens shelter, or even a homeless shelter, or any family/friends... [The Dreaming Wife ] [reply]

Determine who pays the majority of the bills and either tell him to gtfo or pack your shit while he's away and peace it. Dont write an entry on bloop secrets about it, just do something about it and feel better. [Betch.] [reply]

I'm really rooting for you, I hope you find a way out and find your happiness again. It probably won't be easy, but you can do it! [Finally Mrs. Bailey] [reply]

I feel like I am in a similar situation with my relationship. It seems every other day I ask myself why am I even still here and it is hard for me because we have three children and I am so worried about what would happen to them if I left (one is his daughter, and the other is his granddaughter from another daughter). I love the two girls so much so it's really the only reason I stay. Another problem is a I am flat ass broke. [Butterflys don't lie] [reply]

do u have anyone to stay with? To get urself on ur feet? Or get legal stuff involved like lawyers to help or even go to shelters [The Dreaming Wife ] [reply]

well, your first problem is that he's a male. the definition of most men I know of is "over grown 12 year old". The ones who aren't are gay, and even then, they've only graduated to 15... [Ice Vampire] [reply]

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