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by Team Bloop

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Bloop’s Revival 2020 Edition!


Hello Bloopers,


We are excited to announce that will be undergoing a transformation! We are working hard on fixing old bugs and in discussions to bring back old features and introducing new ones!


But first, let’s meet the members of our Bloop Team:


Steve – Director and proud father of Bloop itself!


Mark – Core Developer. He’ll be handling all the bugs in the system, fixing broken features, and developing new features.


Beth - Community Companion. I’ll be updating community diaries, helping to resolve support tickets and I’m available to assist the community in any way you need me.


Now, let’s talk about what we have in store for Bloop, shall we? Exciting stuff, and I hope you are as excited as we are! Today Team Bloop had their first weekly meeting and we discussed many things we’re exciting about (and some technical things that may bore those who are uninterested). Here’s a rundown of what we’re working on and what we got going:


Support Tickets – we are working on a new ticket system but right now, to submit your support ticket, simply visit this diary and message us to submit your issue. Support tickets are for any bugs you come across, if you are having an issue with another Blooper, or if you forget your password to your diary.


Theme of the Week – this is an old feature of Bloop that many of us old timers used to love, at least I know I did. This feature serves a few purposes: to help the community engage with each other by sharing their entries with each other in the TOTW discussion circle and to give Bloopers ideas to write about. Bloopers were encouraged to message their own topic ideas, which is a great way to involve everyone as well.


Every Saturday I will post the new TOTW. We are putting a little twist on it, starting today. Instead of one topic idea, we are going to give you 3 topics you can choose from. 1 topic we will provide and 2 topics we’ll choose from your suggestions.


How do I submit my topic ideas, you ask? Good question! Message Theme of the Week your topic ideas.


Old Features/New Features – we discussed the possibility of bringing back the chat room to give us a place to congregate and speak with each other live. We also are looking into bringing an IM feature to chat privately with a friend.


YouTube – OK bloopers, be prepared! Because Team Bloop is coming to YouTube! Every Saturday Team Bloop is meeting to discuss what is going on with the site and what new ideas we’d like to introduce. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel:


That’s it, for now, guys! If you haven’t, please favorite this diary to keep up with the news and information!


Cheerfully yours,


Beth, your friendly Community Companion

Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

Like Bloop? Keep in touch on the Facebook group:Bloop Diary
Follow our Weekly Staff Meetings on YouTube: BloopDiary Channel

previous entry: Annoying spam comments and new staff positions

next entry: Theme of the Week Submissions Now Open!

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Looking forward to seeing what happens

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Whoo hoo!

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If you’d like more community companions I’m still willing to help

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