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by Team Bloop

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Annoying spam comments and new staff positions


Hey Bloopers,

Sorry about all the annoying spam comments (and notifications by email). We are working to resolve them and clean up the mess.

Also, you'll be glad to know that we are adding new positions at BloopDiary. One has already been filled.

  • Core Developer - let's congratulate Mark on becoming our core developer! He's experienced in the code already, albeit form many years ago. He will be helping fix bugs, broken features and eventually develop new features.
  • Community Companion - this position is available, it is essentially someone that will help resolve support tickets and be available to assist the community.

Please comment below if you are interested in applying for the Community Companion position. BloopDiary is in a bit of a state right now, so it's going to involve some work in bringing it back to life. Minimally, there will be a one hour meeting on the weekend where we discuss our plans.

Thanks everyone,


Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

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Follow our Weekly Staff Meetings on YouTube: BloopDiary Channel

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(this was a joke btw) [SteveStar] [reply]

-takes a bow- Time to steer this ship straight again! [Mark] [reply]

[fireworks] [reply]

Hahahah! Mark is back!? [reply]

Yes, yes I am [Mark] [reply]

Thank you. [vatten m] [reply]

excitement awaits!! [reply]

Thank you! Those bots were getting on my nerves lol

Wish I could help but I'm too tired to add more work on my plate LOL [reply]

This was from me! I forgot I wasn't signed in HAHAHAHAHAHA

See...tired! [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

Steve, if you still need a moderator, let me know. [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

I'd be more than happy to be a community companion if you're still looking for one. This quarantine and time off work has given me a lot more free time!
[JessicaStar] [reply]

Id like to hear more about the community companion role. [fireworks] [reply]

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