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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

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We Can Block Our Entire Whole Lives With Not Forgiving Ourselves.


We have been gifted by the creator a myriad of higher tools of spirituality. The number structure of 0-9 proves how to navigate frequency to produce matter. This is done by turning a wave into its particle state. To do this we must balance 3 which the body and 6 which is the mind in order to reach the zero point, which opens your access to the 9. 9 is the fingerprint of our Creator. You have figured out, whether by good or bad, how to manifest frequency into particle matter. This is basic quantum physics and not at all witchcraft. It only becomes something other than the Creator's tools we were given, when you change its particle structure. That can only he done by changing the observer. So no matter what they taught you, no matter the intention behind it, YOU, as the observer may structure these gifts properly and in God's context, or free will will allow you to structure God's archetype in evil. That's the perfection if God's will. You have been given free will to choose not what you were shown, but rather to let your heart choose what feels right. Sins are 90 degree angles and righteousness forms curves. You can turn your right angles into beautiful curves with the realization that God loves you and you matter in this world. You matter so much you have been tempted, you have the power to turn anything into what God's needs are for you, but not into your wants. As long as you use your quantum physics physical talents for needs and not wants, you are creating curves that meld into beautiful eternal spirals. Move forward with your heart's intention and never look back. You will then heal. You are not healing bc you will not forgive yourself. You must allow yourself to receive before you can truly give to others. You must allow yourself to receive your own forgiveness in order to turn your right angles into those righteous curves. Once you start making curves more than angles, your body will begin healing. The best curves are the ones you make in service to others, but you cannot give that until you give yourself forgiveness and allow yourself to receive. This is key to getting well. Dont get bogged down in the mystic of it all. What you claim of it, it will be. Pay attention to what you dont and think about what you didn't. That is how you will see the truth that lies before you, which is you were forgiven before you even existed. We are in 3D duality to figure that out.


previous entry: To You...

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