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In The Secret Garden
by Ivy Divine


I LOVE Who I Am!

You can call me Ivy. I have a wonderful daughter Little Divine. I'm a believer in finding yourself, loving yourself, and being true to who you REALLY are. I love new and old friends. I'm very happy and cheerful but I'm also a very deep and intuitive person. My favorite colors are red & yellow. My diary explores my life in all it's chaos and glory.

I've been on Bloop on and off since it started in 2002. I left TOD and FOD to come here and I've loved this site since. I just have sucked at keeping my diaries going in the past. I can't remember my diary names from way back then, but when I was on in 2004-2006 I believe, two of the diary names were My Little Bun In The Oven and My Little Baby On Board.

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