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by lady bri.

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Which one is the bleach?!?!



Hey you guys!! Just thought I'd update real fast before I go to work!

We're finally making progress with Harlee's fleas. lol I checked him this morning and only found 2. YAY!

I'm back at work. Dealing with little twits. Seriously, this one girl that I work with... She's 17 and dumb. Now, usually I wouldn't call anyone dumb. But she is. One night, I told her to go get some bleach water to mop the floor. She called me on the headset and said, "Which one is the bleach? Is it the one that says Palmolive??"

Okay so...yeah. My nerves are constantly on edge when I'm at work. I hope today goes well.

Tonight after work, me and my sister and some of her friends are going to a cemetary. They want to get some more pictures. Kinda excited.

Halloween is coming up soon! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!

Well, I really should get ready for work now. Have a good weekend everyone!!! :]


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previous entry: fleas.fleas.fleas.

next entry: Advice.Needed.Please.Help.

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