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by lady bri.

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YAY! I'm off for 5 days! lol Just the way the schedule fell. Supposed to be going to my manager's house in a bit to hang out. Then we have an SCC meeting!!

I dyed my hair again! It's deep mahogany brown! Pretty!

We all went yesterday and bought the dogs some new stuff! After the Parvo, we had to throw everything away! All of their blankets, toys and pillows. So they've got 12 new toys, a bunch of new blankets and a bunch of pillows. My mom even bought them a big denim comforter!! lol But we haven't given them any of it yet. It's been so rainy and nasty here. All of their hay has washed away also. So tomorrow we're going to buy more hay to put down so that there's no more mud. And then we're going to give them their toys! I'm excited! I love getting new stuff for our dogs.

Harlee....ugh. lol He is absolutely covered in fleas. I hate it and I feel bad for him! He won't sleep at night because he's too busy scratching and biting! we've bought flea shampoo, those little tube and monthly flea medicine, and flea spray. Nothing is working. They seem to die off and be gone for a few days and then they're back, full-force. I don't know what to do anymore. We've tried everything.

Well...guess I'm gonna go.
Have a good week everybody!! :]


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previous entry: Car Shows.Ghosts.&.Swine Flu.

next entry: Which one is the bleach?!?!

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whoo hoo!!! no work lol.
mahogany brown!?!!?! sounds prettty!!
i hate fleas too. hope that gets better for ya soon

[Dance! Anna! Dance!|0 likes] [|reply]

When I was younger my cat got flees. I don't know HOW considering he was an indoor cat, but dear God. It was horrible. I sympathize!

[Ms. JackStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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