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by lady bri.

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Well, we finally got home last night. It was storming pretty bad!
So when we got home, we didn't pay much attention [since Cukiee is scared of storms and stays in her house during them.] We unloaded the back of the truck in the pouring down rain. And went in to dry off. When the storm had pretty much passed and stopped raining, we went out to check on Cukiee. But she was gone.

Sometimes she gets off her chain, she gets out of her choke chain and runs around. But her choke chain was gone too. And her house had been emptied out. Which meant someone had taken her.

It was late so there wasn't much we could do then. When we left, my sister had said that she would take care of Cukiee.She went over everyday and fed and watered her and played with her.
So, when we got up this morning we went over to our neighbors house just to ask if they knew what had happened. Or where she might be.

They refused to answer the door, then the cops pulled up. He said that Cukiee had been taken because of someone calling about abuse and neglect. Then the neighbors came outside. She was very rude. and completely lying saying that my sister didn't come to feed and water her. Then she said that she saved Cukiee's life because she was choking. They had called the cops yesterday and taken Cukiee and put her in their basement!!

Now, okay, fine. If she's hurt, and we're not what you can to take care of her. That's okay with us. We want her to be safe. But be up front about it. What she did was STEALING! She stole my dog from my yard, and then wouldn't answer the door when I came over. She could have answered the door and told me what had happened. Said that she just wanted her to be safe until we got home and given her back. I wouldn't have been that upset. But she involved the police. And was VERY rude to me. Acting like we were horrible people and that we neglect our dog. Which she knows is a lie, or else she would have called the police when we first moved in.

Cukiee is an outside dog. She always has food and water. She has shelter, a house in the yard. She has room to run around on her chain. She has a tree for shade so she won't get too hot. She has toys to play with. She has a blanket and a pillow to lay on so she doesn't have to lay on the ground. [yes, she's a princess and doesn't like to get dirty.]

How is any of that abuse???

We've been planning on getting a pen anyways- because we hate her being on that choke chain. But it's all we could do for a while because she snaps regular collars. BUT while we were in TX we found the perfect collar for her to do until we can get a pen.

I'm just so upset. We have Cukiee back right now. She's in our utility room. But I don't know what will happen next.

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previous entry: vacation.blues.

next entry: ** UPDATE.About.stolen.doggie.**

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