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by lady bri.

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texas., for the past week I've been in the big state of TEXAS! woo.
We left out last Tuesday, at 6 pm, driving in a truck that does not have air conditioning, with our pup-pup Harlee. awesome, right? What was supposed to be a 13 1/2 drive turned into a 17 hour drive. wonderful. We had worked before we left, been up since 5:30 that morning. It was HORRIBLE!! We both were falling asleep, trying our hardest not to wreck. Kept switching back and forth, but we finally just pulled over and slept for a couple of hours.

We finally arrived at between 11-11:30 Wednesday morning. I was TIRED. I wanted to say hello to Mel's parents [by the way we came to Tx to visit her family, and go to her cousin's wedding.] and then go to bed!!! But...NO! We had to get changed [not even shower, ew.] go get her dad's check, they took us to dinner, then I just HAD to meet her family right away. ugh. I was not happy. I at least would have liked to get a shower beforehand... but I had to go meet her family all stanky. ew.

So anyways- the trip hasn't been that bad, I guess. I've had fun! I got to know some of her family. Some of them are pretty nice. Others I like to pretend aren't there. :]
So today was supposed to be our last day...... SUPPOSED to be. We were supposed to be getting up early in the morning and going HOME!!!! :]]]

So this is how today has went..... prepare yourself...

I woke up in a bad mood, I guess I just knew today would be hell. Melissa and I argued for a good hour, then she and her mother left to get the oil changed in our truck for the trip home. They took it to Wal*Mart. They were gone for about an hour and then they came back by the house to pick me up. We went to get the truck washed [which I honestly thought was pointless to go spend $30 to get the truck detailed when the next day we would be driving 900 miles and just fuck it up again, but her mother was paying, so it's her wasted money, right?] So, we pull up, pick the package we want, give them the keys and head in to get something to drink. Now remember, we do not have air conditioning in our truck, so of course being in the HOT state of Texas, we had the windows down...all of them.
Well, we're standing at the window watching them pull our truck through the car wash, and once it gets past us we just happened to realize that THE BACK WINDOW WAS STILL OPEN!!!

So the inside of the truck is soaked. great. But whatever, we got over it. So we go eat some lunch, and head towards downtown Austin. We don't get very far when the truck starts making this faint screeching noise. We stop and check it out, but we can't find anything. So we keep going. The noise continues. So we find another Wal*mart, stop by and explain what's going on. The guy gives us his little speech and says he'll take a look at it.

When he pops the hood he finds that the vacuum hose has been disconnected. He said that was our problem, fixed it, and we were on our way again. Simple enough, right?

So we go shopping, of course! [it's my favorite thing to do here.] We're gone for HOURS. The truck never makes a sound! We finally get back to Mel's parents house, we eat dinner. Then I realize that we're heading out in the morning, and I still need to stop by the mall to pick up a few things. So we head out again.

We don't even get 2 miles down the road and the truck starts doing the screeching again. Only this time it's like 50 times worse. Then it starts this really LOUD scrubbing noise like metal against metal, then it jerked and it sounded like we hit something. Then it did the same thing all over again. Screeching, scrubbing, jerk, sounded like we hit something over and over. We pulled over, checked everything out....NOTHING!! The hose wasn't even disconnected this time. So we're like whatever, it'll be fine, we'll run to the mall and get back home. When we get on the road it starts doing the same as before only this time it's jerking constantly. It won't even go down the road, just moved a little everytime it jerked. So we finally get it into another parking lot. We called her parents, they called her cousin, dragged him away from dinner to come check it out. [because by the time our truck decided to really fuck up, everything was closed.]

He drove it, and it scared him. lol
He wouldn't even bring it back to us, he parked it in another parking lot and walked back. :]
He said it sounds like the brakes are locking up. SOOOOO.....

We left it there. UGH. Getting it towed in the morning. TRY to figure out what's wrong. I've cried since I found out. I called my mom crying, and my sister. I'm so upset. I'm homesick, and I just want to go home.

Yes, so that has been my exciting trip so far!!!

Will update later!! There are more things about the trip I haven't mentioned, but it's almost midnight, and I'm tired!! Holla.


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previous entry: Pushing.The.Limits.

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holy SHIT chick!! I'm sorry you are going through so much, I would have already started walking LOL I hope everything gets better! And yes I know you told me so ROFL!

[Anna and John LOVE|0 likes] [|reply]

I'm sorry sweetheart I didn't see those comments about messaging you until today if I'd seen you I would have messaged you baby girl

[Anna and John LOVE|0 likes] [|reply]

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