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check your insanity at the door
by fifty shades.

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two for one


Unexpected day off today. I absolutely loved it :] Michelle asked if I wanted today off while I was at work yesterday. I would have been stupid to say no. I really needed to do nothing. It was refreshing. I did manage to go grocery shopping. I was in and out of the store within a half hour. The store was not too crowded, which was nice.

Still no dress for the wedding on the 15th. :/ RUH ROH! I need Kendra to help me :] Mark and I picked out a suit for him. Apparently there was a buy on get one free deal, so we ended up getting two suits. I'm not sure if the whole store was doing that, but the assistant manager was helping us out the whole time. Maybe he was feeling super nice that day. When you do the math, we spent $225 a suit. That also includes the alterations. Good deal? I hope so!

I got a call from the lady from the Mad Science place I want to try to get into. I need to call her back tomorrow.

crayon box

previous entry: just as i expected

next entry: mental health day

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Well I couldn't tell you the last time we've been out to eat... Not even to celebrate the engagement, haha! And it was damn good food.

I've created a budget. He thinks that as long as bills are paid, we're fine. Also doesn't help we had to register both cars. :/

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