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check your insanity at the door
by fifty shades.

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mental health day


The dress mission for next weekend is over. I found a great dress for $20 at Forever 21 :] I should have looked there in the first place. Mark said he liked the dress I found. I still need to mail out that other dress to get my money back from Mod Cloth.

It's Sunday and I have the day off! I switched a day with Kendra. I'm not sure why she wanted to work today. She originally had the day off. I told her she'd get more hours today than during the week most likely. My days off are today and tomorrow. I told her I'd work Tuesday for her. That was my other day off I was suppose to have. She has school on Tuesdays so she was happy about it.

I slept all night for a change. It felt amazing. I've been having headaches every day so the extra rest has really helped me out. I feel like I'm still recovering from the shitty summer we had at work. I woke up and read a book for a couple of hours too. I haven't done that in a while either.

Today Mark and I are spending the day together. We haven't set a plan yet, but I'm sure we will have fun.

crayon box

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I'm glad you found a dress. Finally something to cross off!

Lucky you sleeping all night. That didn't work for me at all. lol got into a fight with Haden at 3:30 in the morning about who going to sleep where.

Have fun today!

[Caroline ♥|0 likes] [|reply]

i usually go through weird phases where i don't sleep well for a couple of weeks!
i was having those for a while recently.
i think i broke out of it though

[fifty shades.|0 likes] [|reply]

yay for a peacefull day off and them sleepless nights suck! Glad you slept all night.

[Simply Rachel|0 likes] [|reply]


[fifty shades.|0 likes] [|reply]

ryc; thank you very much!

[Hello KittyStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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