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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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Spock vs. Kirk


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So, my friend is not even a Trekkie. No sir, she is not. I had to almost drag her to see Star Trek, and still she was apprehensive. I mean, she liked it, she did. Ever since then the conversation has arose. Who is hotter, Spock or Kirk?

The odd part is, this comes up EVERY TIME we talk about guys or movies or anything. Some how one of us interjects something that brings us to this topic and we go at it. She says Kirk because of his 'dreamy blue eyes.' I say Spock because he is intelligent, and cute and because he is a challenge. Don't get me wrong, Kirk is no rotten apple. I am just saying that if I had to go out with one of the two I would rather go out with Spock. (We are going to ignore the delicious McCoy or Chekov or Scotty... though I personally don't really like Scotty, that is NOT what this entry is about.)

I mean we get so heated in our discussion we start asking the people we work with. So far I have one person and she has two on her side. BUT I SHALL PREVAIL! And if I do not, more Spock for me. ^_^

So now, I ask you, bloop. Who is hotter/cuter/more datable/ect. Kirk or Spock?

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previous entry: Normal is normally good lame

next entry: I HATE!!! (amazon or USPS???)

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Spock is intelligent, and he's semi-cute & he's got the whole conflicted emotions thing going on. But Kirk for the win. He's super gorgeous and he's got the whole "reckless-arrogant-badass" thing going on. Plus, Kirk's also super intelligent. He just, uh, has other 'priorities'. xD

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