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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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Normal is normally good lame


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What is so attractive about being "normal"? I am serious here. I really have not the slightest idea of what is so great about being normal.

Now, I know you can say that being abnormal is normal. But honestly, do you believe that yourself? Because if you look around there is a set of social norms, that define what a range of normalism is.
Extreme quirks are frowned upon.
Obsessing over odd things that are not mainstream media is weird.
Disney is weird.
Hannah Montana is for tweens and Jonas Brothers are lame.
When you hit 18 or 21 or some magical age you will suddenly grow up. Until then you can act like an ass.
Doing drugs aren't such a bad thing.
Woe is me.

There are more things that I could list, but one I am lazy, and two, I really am tired of thinking up things. Because as you get further along in a list, then there becomes a blurring of what is socially normal depending on your circle of friends or the environment you are in. But still there are norms giving you a general normal range that a person must fall in.

So let's think about it. What is so good about being normal? Hmm... Think. Think here. C'mon... what is so good? Well I guess more people would like you. More peopling liking you would bring about more friends. So that is good. I guess. Um... you wouldn't be socially ostracized. If you are normal then there is less stuff you can be made fun of for. So that must be better for your self-esteem. Let me see, is there anything else? OH and if everyone is under the same category of normal that everyone is more equal, right?

WRONG! Those people most likely will not be very good friends. Especially when you start trusting them with personal information and some of your quirks, because that is not normal. They don't like who for who you are, instead of who the "normal" you is.

Well let us consider the not being teased and better for your self esteem. While it might be true that you will not get teased and mocked as much. But is it worth it? Is it worth losing a part of yourself just to save yourself a little bit of pain in the short-run? And along the lines of self-esteem, think about it. Would it really be helping your self-esteem? Instead of facing the issues and getting used to criticize you are hiding from it, most likely making yourself weaker.

Now I am not a nonconformist. Really I am not. Instead I think I am more of an individualist. I have faced this issue of normal far too long. My friends, most of them, suck! I know how much it sucks to not be myself around them. And I hate it, because who I am around them is not me. They do not listen, they do not care. I am a freak. Heaven forbid, I love to write and read. Oh my god, I actually have interesting dreams and would like to share them with you. Or that I love Star Trek and Harry Potter and Narnia. And OH MY LORD! I love the TV show Heroes and Primeval and I get upset and pissed about work. And maybe I would like to express some of this.

I don't want to drink and get high. So I am sorry that I have better things to do then that. Excuse me for enjoying watching TV, or movies or just happy being on the computer talking with friends. Why is it that to have fun you have to do that? Seriously? Are you that bored in being normal that you have to do that?

But I digress. Because that is not the point. My point is why do people feel a need to be normal? I see very few positives in being normal? I can understand the whole point that some people are just normal. But I don't know. I just don't believe this. Everyone has a little bit of weirdness in them. So I am running out of points here. But I think you get the point.

To me, normal is utterly boring. Strangely yawn worthy. It doesn't make sense. I guess it is not my cup of tea. But if someone, anyone can tell me what is so amazingly great about being normal. Please share your knowledge. Because I am at a lost for words.

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I think in order to fit in with the whole normal thing, it starts at a very young age actually. The way you are then reflects the friends you have in high school, in some way. As in, I wasn't normal even in elementary. I'm not sure how I managed that, but even then people stayed away from me and I only had a couple friends. However, if you're starting over at a new school, you have the ability to make the people think whatever you want them to think- you could be yourself or you could modify yourself to fit in. But as I was saying, I really think it does start off at a young age. And some people are just always labeled as "normal" and they just never break away from it.

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