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What Dreams May Come
by Utter Silence

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Can I kill...everything? Please?


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WhEn PuSh CoMeS tO sHoVe

All right so I feel horrible, because I lied to my coworkers and said I needed someone to work for me yesterday because I had a speech thing. Well, I wanted to go in and get my car. And my friend, Alicia, worked my 4-hour shift for me, and I JUST FEEL SO BAD cause it was with David. (that was the other main reason too, which I will get into in just a bit.) And if only it had been someone I didn't really like, I wouldn't care so much. Ya know?

BUT I GOT MY CAR!!! IT is pretty, and blue. Heated leather seats, sunroof, steering wheel controls, CD PLAYER, amazing. I am not sure if it has fog lights or not, and it DOES NOT have ABS and I am not sure about traction control. But that doesn't bug me. IT IS SWEET! All I need know is my prom dress to be done and I am SET. *dances*

On another note, the ACT sucked, I was so tired and I think I bombed the Math and Science - again. And then the other day my guidance counselor came into my English class and asked me if I was gonna take it. HELLO! I have already taken it 3 times, 2 of the times WITHOUT YOUR HELP - OR YOUR APPROVAL! Why do I need it now!?! Well I won't know if I am taking in April until I get my scores back, which should be next Tuesday or so.

Umm... what else. Well it is snowing, which is just 'great'. New car. Snow. Just what I wanted. -_-'. NOW ON TO WORK! Yes, work.....

Well let me start from Sunday. Sunday I worked 11:30 to 8 (after closing Friday night, getting up at 6:30 to leave by 7:30 for my ACT, going straight from my ACT to work until 8:30, got home and worked that 11:30 to 8 I just mentioned above). AND 4-8 WAS DAVID!!!! Dun. Dun. Dun!!!!

Let me see, we weren't that bad all day. No, we were busy but not terribly so. David comes in, and snaps at me to take my stickers off. Speaking of which, I need to come up with a design to make a sticker necklace - that looks cool and nice - that I can wear at work to piss him off. So there was one thing. And then from 5-6 I WAS ONLY one in Drive-Thru. Yeah! And we were busy! Kylie and Jared were on sandwiches but we were so busy that Kylie couldn't give up Jared to help me drive-thru. Which is completely understandable. Another person won't be much help if we have to wait for sandwiches.

And David was helping... a little. And then front counter got busy. And he told me that he would have helped me more, but he HAD to fill for front counter. Yeah, right, Dave. YOU HAVE TO FILL FOR FRONT COUNTER!! Why is it that every other supervisor has the ability to fill both front counter and drive-thru, fairly well, EXCEPT for you? Huh? HUH? So needless to say I was taking money, making drinks, taking orders, and running around tryign to squeeze by David (because he is so large) to fill the orders ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!! He did compliment me on how well I did in Drive-Thru. But what does it matter coming out of him? He is a big, fat, ugly, lazy jerk. One compliment isn't going to turn everything around.

But you know, that wouldn't have been TOO bad. Rachel C. comes in at 6 like scheduled and we clear the people out, and she is like filling cups or lids or something like that in Drive-Thru. And I am trying to calm down, slow down, ya know? Because we had just been so INSANELY busy because I was all by myself. And I was telling her how busy we are. David waddles over to us and says, "You two need to find something to do." HA!

Yes, I say, HA! Around 45 minutes LATER he is in the back talking with Jared and Adam about wrestling and we have people waiting 7-9 minutes for food, because A. Jared is talking with David instead of making sandwiches. B. Adam is talking with David instead of possibly watching Fryer. C. David doesn't do anything. All the while, Rachel C. and I get to take care of Drive-Thru and front counter all by ourselves. I tell her - because it is effecting her afterall - that I was going to go do ice since they aren't doing anything. She says, 'Yeah sure no problem. Just make sure you come back if I need help or anything." And I look at her and say, "Of course, why wouldn't I?"

SO I go and do ice while she waits for the food, because they are in the back talking. I finish ice, I stock everything in the behind the counter, and everything. We FINALLY get the food out to them, no thanks to Adam who didn't do JACK SQUAT! And I go out and clean lobby, while DAVID goes on break. (This little tid-bit will come into play when I get to Wednesday.) I have everything an 8 o'clocker would need done, EXCEPT for dishes, done by 7. But I CANT LEAVE YET! Oh no, how about I don't let the girl that has been here for over 7 hours go. Instead, I will take my fat ass on break and let the guys stand around and do nothing but talk. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. She can do everything for Adam (a fellow 8 o'clocker) and all he will have to do is his trash when I get back, and then he can go as well. GREAT IDEA!

I get out at 7:30 when he goes off of break.

Monday I had school, but got out at 1:45 for speech. I had to sit on a van for like an hour until we got to the school where our conference was, and that van was making me car sick. GREAT. I didn't get home until 11, which was just as great there too. Especially because the results of our conference were ALL jacked up. I placed second to last in my round in Serious Prose. I SHOULD NOT have gotten that. Cort placed second to last in his Humorous Prose round and HE DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT have gotten that. Cort and Alexis placed second to last in their Duet and they SHOULD NOT have gotten that. This other school screwed up terribly, forgot a lot of lines, were calling each other the same name. Sam: Why are you so sad Sam? Other chick: Sam, I told you, I don't want to talk about it. Yeah... confusing as hell, AND THEY GOT FIRST!!! Tick one for bad mood strike two.

So yeah I got home at 11, and Gracie still had not had her puppies. Joy. Tuesday was 5-8... only 3 hours with DAVID. I can do this... and I did. But once again, we were getting busy in drive-thru and what was Adam doing? He was standing in the back, kinda sorta, maybe watching Fryer, while talking to Mark. Mark is already slow enough on sandwiches (Not saying anything about sandwiches, sandwiches suck.... It is hard. But he was going even slower because he was distracted by Adam talking to him.) So you know what? I yelled at him. And when I say yelled, I mean yelled. I said, "ADAM! SHUT UP! DO YOUR WORK AND STOP DISTRACTING HIM!" David - I don't know what he was doing, but he was not up front, and he was not doing sandwiches, he was just in the back... for some reason - well he told me not to yell like that again. (Once again, that will come in handy when I get to Wednesday.)

And yes, I overreacted. I will admit that, but it needed to be done. I know. I know. It is not MY job to do that. But I am sorry. I did not want to be there until 9:30 because Adam wouldn't do jack shit. I did not want to have to tell the people "I am sorry. We had to wait 12 minutes on your food because one of my co-workers just wanted to talk instead of work. But I put a cookie in there because you had to wait so long. Thank you and have a good night." Yes, because that would have went over so well. But it worked. Adam was finally freaking working and when we slowed down again he talked with Mark. Perfect. But you don't stand around - doing nothing - while Drive-thru is backed all the way. Either you A. Multi-task and make sure the other person can do it too (without a loss of quality). Or B. You wait until we are

Needless to say I didn't get out of there until like 8:30-9 that night. And you know what, we probably didn't have everything done. But I did not want to stand in there another moment with that jackass. I was gone as soon as he said we could leave.

NOW WEDNESDAY!!! I worked 4-9. The first hour sucked. David was there. That was just great. Worse yet he was on sandwiches. It took him 5 minutes to make 4 regulars. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LET THE SLICER CUT 3 OUNCES OF ROAST BEEF, PUT THEM ON A BUN AND WRAP IT! It is not THAT hard! Thankfully he left at 5. Even better was the fact that Alicia, and Laura worked that night. And Gloria was supervisor. I got out right on time. It was great.

I told Laura and Alicia about Sunday and Tuesday. (Mind you Laura is a supervisor, but she was just a regular closer that night.) They agreed with me. And I asked her. "Laura, do the other supervisors take breaks?" She told me no. David is the only one that takes a break, and we've told him that. She said that they will grab food while they do count the money in the office, but they never take a break. She said that one day, he just said he was going on break, when no one else had gone on break yet.

I also told her how I really yelled at Adam. And she said, "I Can't believe he told you not to yell. He yelled at Beth(There are 2 Beths. One beth has a baby and the other is Laura's daughter. This is Laura's Beth.) one night after he first became supervisor. But he was just working a 5-8 that night. He was NOT a supervisor. She came up to him and said, 'Dave, I am doing stock, and this other person is doing trash. Why don't you do ice?' And David flipped out on her, yelled at her and followed her all the way to the back and was still yelling at her and told her she can't tell him what to do and he wasn't going to do anything. She could do stock and ice. And then when one of the other employees did ice for Beth, David was about ready to yell at him too."

And on Wednesday we talked about how David plays favorites. And I told Alicia how I screwed up. I filled one of David's orders for front counter Tuesday, because he just disappeared. I swear the receipt said 2 Large Curly Fries, but I don't remember. It probably said 2 Large Cakes, and I misread. I told Jen it just needed to 2 Large Fries, and she went to got them. We called the number and the person told Dave they got Fries instead of Cakes. And this is exactly what he said. "I am sorry. I don't know WHY they put Curlies instead of Cakes. I will get that for you." Now that seems simple, but he acted like we were idiots, dirt on the floor basically. What kind of person does that? What kind of person acts like his employees are shit to a customer? So we screwed up! So what! You say something like "I am sorry. I'll get you Cakes instead." You don't act like we are shit!

And if anyone actually reads all of this, you probably think I am overreacting but I'm not. David does not respect employees or even other supervisors. Because his mommy and daddy own the place and that is ONLY reason he has a job. He is so high and mighty on his perch. He disgusts me. He thinks he is so much better than everyone else. But he is not. He is a self-centered, egotistical, jerk. Dave does not appreciate us. You can run around like crazy because you are busy, and he will just waddle along at his constant pace. He doesn't care if have to side-step him and run by him. He won't change what he is doing. He won't help. Employees are not his concern.

Tuesday night (or Sunday, I don't remember which) he told Adam to take my headset. Now Adam should have just taken it. But you know, he was just joking around. Adam said "I don't want it. Why wouldn't you wear it Dave?" And Dave is like, "How about you stay until 12:30 to do drawers (count money) and then I'll wear the headset." I told Laura this and she just laughed and asked if that is really how long it takes him to do drawers. She said that she always has a headset on, unless she is working with people she knows can handle it, and she still does drawers and everything.

But I am through. I am done taking his crap. If he stands around not working with the guys in the back, guess what! I will too. And if he says something I will just say something like, "I am sorry. I can't help but imitate my co-workers." Or maybe, "Sorry. I figured they aren't working so why should I?" Maybe I will actually say something that directly relates to him, but I don't know. I can't go all out and say shit to him. His mommy and daddy do after all own the store. But I will get as close to toeing that line as I possibly can. Because I am sick and tired of being treated like shit by him. I won't take it anymore. If it comes to mean I am out a job, well then I am out a job. That will really suck, though, because the other Supervisors are great.

I have other people, besides Dave, that I don't like at work. I do. There is Kylie, and Adam is on my nerves now, Shelli sometimes does too, as does Jen. Mark kinda creeps me out. And Kelly is just plain annoying and Tommy can be creepy sometimes too. And Sam and Lindsay have like no idea what to do and are annoying. But nothing they can do is compared with David. I will take Kylie's crap of me not being a good enough worker any day over David.


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It was all fine until you started ranting about work. xD

But well... That's what bloop is for. To let it all out.

[Moonsie|0 likes] [|reply]

Work sounds suckish. And wowww. O.o I think this entry is a record-breaker for Rachee.

And yay! Puppies! ^^

[~shinelikestars.|0 likes] [|reply]

oh and yay for new car too!

[~shinelikestars.|0 likes] [|reply]

Thanks Rachee. -hugs-

[~shinelikestars.|0 likes] [|reply]

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