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an empty frame.'s Diary
by an empty frame.

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Survey from Survey This


Do you ever do something, and then wonder how many people are currently doing the same thing as you? No.

When's the last time the power went out in your house? About a week or so ago. I had to learn how to open the garage door manually, lol. Apparently all you do is pull this handle *points to handle*

Is there a laundry basket in your room? If yes, what color is it? It's black, and it's next to the door leading to the ensuite -- and yet clothes still get chucked in the hallway...

Do you like those different flavored Tootsie Rolls? I don't know what Tootsie Rolls are?

Do you keep your shoes on a shoe rack, or just throw them somewhere? I throw them wherever but I'm getting in the habit of putting them in the closet (on the floor), go me.

Think of the last verbal argument you were in; what caused it? I was going to say that it was when I broke up with Young, but we did that online, not verbally, so uuum. Yeah, I dunno. I tend to avoid arguments where possible.

Does your refrigerator have one door or two? Two... one for the freezer section and one for the fridge section.

Do you smoosh bugs, or just let 'em go? I smoosh them unless they're too big to smoosh, then I catch them and let them outside.

Do you know anyone who collects stamps? My great nanna did.

Do you have any friends that play instruments? Yes. Who doesn't have a friend who plays an instrument?

Do you have any old shoe boxes in your room? Yep. I hoard boxes. So if it's a box, it's either in my closet, under my bed, in the spare room or in my garage.

What was the last thing you deleted off of your computer? Umm I'm always deleting shit... probably a program I don't use anymore. I'm not sure.

Do you own any turtleneck sweaters/shirts? No.

When putting up pictures/posters, do you prefer tacks or tape? I generally use hooks.

If you had to choose to live inside of one book/book series which would it be, and why? Exquisite Corpse because that shit is hot. Either that or Narnia.

What's the strangest band name you've ever heard? Ahh... Anal Cunt.

What's worse for you; getting yelled at, or getting grounded? Getting yelled at. I got yelled at a lot as a kid and I still hate confrontation. I hate lectures and stuff like that.

What would be the worst thing to get grounded from? (Phone, computer, ect.) Umm I'm guessing this survey is meant for teenagers not people in their mid-twenties.

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson's music? I wouldn't say I'm a fan, but if it's on the radio or whatever I tend to enjoy it. Not that I listen to radio stations that are in the habit of playing Michael Jackson... But you know what I mean.

Do you like toilet paper to roll under or over? Over.

Are there any songs you like that are in another languages? Yeah. Fucked if I can remember the name of it but it's in a mix tape that Young made for me. I aint digging it out.

What's one song you can really relate to currently? Love or Prison by Blonde Redhead

Do you own any band tees? If so, how many? Ummmm *think* ... Two.

What are your plans for the Fourth of July? (If you live in America.) None

Are there any old dishes in your room? Um there's a glass of water that could do with being replaced, lol.

Have you ever used a fire extenguisher? No. But I was tempted to, once. My dad used to have one in his car.

What was the last thing you said out loud? "Yeah. Good idea. Ok. Thanks. Bye." Phone.

Is there something else that you're supposed to be doing currently? Not this. Totally feeling anxious about something, but not sure what.

Do you ever make your own sound effects for things? All the time, actually...

Do you like Ramen Noodles? If so, what's your favorite flavor? Never had them.

Have you ever read a book all the way through in one day? Yep. When I was a kid. It was about a boy that wore a frock. Wonder why that appealed to me back then, and why I still remember it now? lol.

If chairs could talk, what do you think they would say? They'd probably ask me to put some clothes on?

Are there any flat screen televisions in your house? Yeah. Luke spent a lot of money on one when we didn't have a lot of money.

Do birds chirps outside your windows in the morning? Yep. Love it.

Do you use a lot of salt? No. I used to, but I made a habit of not adding it to anything and now I don't taste the difference.

Have you ever broken something at someone else's house? I would be surprised if I hadn't, as I'm pretty clumsy, but nothing comes to mind.

Have you ever done a Chinese fire drill? No.

If you had to write a book about your life up until now would it be an interesting read, or would it be boring? Apparently it would be interesting.

When was the last time you ate a cupcake? Haha! Yesterday! I took Gabriel to the shops, he spotted a cupcake covered in hundreds and thousands, he ate the top and I ate the bottom.

What's worse; Pro-Activ commercials or those Free Gold Kit commercials? Free Gold Kit. I like those Pro Activ commercials because you get to see celebrities looking like shit and talking about it. Hohoho.

Would you rather go on vacation to Texas or Colorado? Wow, that's a big "neither". <-- I second that.

Have you ever written anything on a bathroom wall or door? Yes. I drunkedly wrote my life story on one.

Ever open a bag of chips in the grocery store and eat them before paying? No, but I've opened a bag of chips in the grocery store and given them to Gabriel to eat before paying, but I give the half-eaten packet to the cashier at the checkout so it's not like stealing.

Would you want your future children to date someone like you as a teenager? Yes. I was awesome.

previous entry: For your reference: names and stuff readers get confused about *edited

next entry: It's a lovely day

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RYC: i do have another username, but i almost never write there anymore. It's "Vicariously" though if you're still interested; i'm actually fairly sure you've left me a comment there too sometime in the past. Probably before i deleted all my entries in a fit of self-loathing the most recent time

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