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an empty frame.'s Diary
by an empty frame.

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For your reference: names and stuff readers get confused about *edited


Luke. (Sometimes referred to as Curly in the past). My boyfriend and my Dom. We are involved in a polyamorous, power-exchange (BDSM), long-term relationship. He is currently, temporarily living with his father, but actually rents with me. His mother passed away almost a year ago now and is helping his father move on. He comes from a big family.

Giovanni. aka. Jeeves. My ex boyfriend and my best friend. He has a son, Gabriel. We have been through everything together. We still sometimes sleep together, but not since he has this boyfriend that I am insanely jealous of for no reason. Giovanni is bisexual.

Gabriel. aka. Gabe. My step-son, and Giovanni's son. He is five years old and has a diagnosis of autism. Gabriel's mother abandoned him years ago and since then I have stepped up to play more of a parental role in Gabriel's life, as well as to help Giovanni. Giovanni is struggling with being a single father to a young child with autism. He's an awesome kid and very intelligent. He could be described as having high-functioning autism, and is verbal. He is enrolled in a mainstream school.

Young. aka. Sub, Subby or the Young One. These are all code names, and I have never disclosed his real name in my diary, hence why I keep changing his "code name". He was my on-again-off-again boyfriend until very recently, and my submissive in a D/s (BDSM) relationship. He graduated from high school last year (hence the handle "young"). We had sex once, but he still calls himself a virgin. He has a "colourful" past. He's also insanely gorgeous and beautiful and I love him. He's moved to the other side of Australia for university, making it hard to maintain our relationship, so we broke up. I'm trying to get over him. Our relationship was entirely secret and Luke was the only one who knew about us.

Sarah. Sarah is Luke's best friend and has been for years. She is also Young's cousin, in a way. Second cousin or something. She knows nothing about my relationship with Young. Sarah and Giovanni slept together a few times (it's a small world, lol).

Me. aka. Aaron. I just included myself in this to quickly explain that when I talk about my "job" I'm referring to my work as a prostitute, and when I talk about my "clients", I'm talking about the people who hire me for sexual services. Also I'm male and I'm gay. *nod* And I'm anorexic and in recovery which is why I have a support worker. Also I have ADHD and depression and generalised anxiety disorder. LOL. When I grow up I want to be a unicorn. Yep, that's it.

previous entry: This will lose me my support guy

next entry: Survey from Survey This

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*nod* That's about it.
And you're anorexic, which is why you have a support worker.
In case random people are completely dense.
And you're, like, the coolest person on bloop!
You're too humble to say that though.

[a little one|0 likes] [|reply]

Oh yeah! And I'm not too humble to say that... but it's irrelevant to this entry, so I'll include it in the next one, lol.

[an empty frame.|0 likes] [|reply]

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