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I am a proud American - I apologize for nothing.
by American

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Why Writer.Man writes.
My son is i the hospital. Has been here since Friday morning. He choked on some bread, and they couldn't get him to recover from it. They did a laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy (spx2?) and found 150cc of fluid in his lungs/bronchial tubes. He went w/out oxygen for 5 minutes, they said, during the operation. Now he is in ICU. He has a ventilator breathing for him, but only b/c that's how they made it so he could heal more quickly. He can breathe on his own, but it would make it take longer for him to recover. He has 3 bacteria as a result: hep influenza B, strep pneumo and one that causes ear infections. They are treating them all. He has pneumonia pretty bad, so they're gonna get rid of that before they take away the paralytic so he can breathe, etc, on his own.

Not much more to update. Later

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previous entry: [poem] Banter [#12]

next entry: [blog] I can't help him #14

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