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I am a proud American - I apologize for nothing.
by American

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It's so hard.
It's hard being a father and a husband when your son goes into a medically induced coma with possible brain damage. I have to be strong for my son, for my wife. It gets hard. Seeing him lying there, helpless..just as I am helpless to fix him. Or to help him. All I can do is just sit there. I can hold his little hands and kiss his little forehead, but I can't make him okay again. He just lays there and can't even respond to me. I feel like it's sucking the life right out of me.

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previous entry: [blog] #13

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I read this and your previous entry and I hope your son gets better, I know what its like when they arent well and you feel hopeless

[.:Kitty:.|0 likes] [|reply]

I'm so sorry

[imaginary ordinaryStar|0 likes] [|reply]

omfg so i feel like an ass commenting on your earlier entry asking how everyone was. i hope he pulls through. i really do. *hugs*


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