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.a.lack.of.color.'s Diary
by .a.lack.of.color.

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Broken Sunday


This silence

This silence
It is becoming a Sunday routine
This anger followed by silence
I ask and
You reply Fine

We both know that word is a cover
A disguise to hide behind
A way to keep everyone out
It never means what it defines
A scape goat to get by
To continue the silence
A silence that consumes me
Like a fire
Leaving my thoughts
Trapped and burning
On the inside
Etching scars inside
So I never forget
Haunting me
I can only wonder
if the silence is the same for you
The thoughts in your mind
Do they haunt you as well
I don't believe they do
As you take comfort in the silence
Always welcoming it

If you cared to ask
No I am not fine i say anyhow
This silence continues...

It's becoming clear
You could care less
Why am I still here
Why are you still here

You never open up to me
I wonder often why
Am I the problem
But you never do
Until you explode
I become aware
I am the problem
Always have been

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previous entry: Depression

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