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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

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00009. When it Can, It Will



When somthing can go wrong, It will


So thursday everything was set for Britt [Jaiden's Godmother's stepbrother's girlfriend...Hope that makes] to watch Jaiden. I would be at her house around 10:30ish AM. So I got to her house and she didn't answer... =[ So I went all the way home and called work said I might not be in, Talked to Valerie, Val called Britt, She was still sleeping... lol, So Britt's Mom came and picked me and Jaiden up took me to work and took Jaiden back to her house...

I was only 13 minutes late for work... =/ lol It was a LONG morning... lol

But yesterday morning was sooo much better =D

So I am off until Black Friday, Almost everyone one is. They didn't give our store enough hours so there's like no one through out the week working but the 2 newest girl's because they need training

So I have a week off.... YIPPEE

Okay so anyways, I have a lot to do today, So Far I figure out my bills for the most part...

Verizon [Internet/Phone] - $286.62 {Past Due}
Peco [Electricity] - $60.00 {On Budget}
Pwd [Water] - $105.00 {Past Due}
Pgw [Gas] - $78.00 {Budget}
PFFCU [Bank] - $110.00 {Over Drew}
Paypal - $80.00 {Over Drew}

My check on Friday should be for almost 54 hours at $7.50 an hour which is $405.00
So I should get back about $283.00

$100.00 on verizon
$60.00 on peco
$110.00 on water
=454.62 left to pay

That should leave me with 18 bucks for 2 weeks.. =/
No I still owe Katie $20 bucks for watching Jaiden on tuesday, and Britt $60 for watching jaiden Thursday, Friday and Black friday... I am hoping to sell this walker I have for $40 and maybe a few other things to get that money, Maybe my mom can help me out =D Lets hope... lol Im sure I can sell a few things to get the money!! I really wanna get these bill caught up!! lol

So today & tomorrow I have a lot of cleaning to do... =/
My landlord is refinancing the building so a guy from the bank is coming out and I wanna get this place cleaned!!!

-Fold & Put away Laundry
-2 Loads of wash
-Clean the small couch
-Go through Jaiden's toys
-Kitchen Table
-Clean Oven
-Clean Tv stand
-Spray for bugs
-Sweep & mop kitchen & bathroom
-Clean Fridge
-Organize Food
-Pull Couch's out to vacum & Spray
-Disinfect Jaiden's toys
-Organize Jaiden's books
-Clean End tables
-Vacuum Jaiden's Room
-Vacuum Living room
-Put Decorations away
-Pull Christmas out [Incase I decide to decorate]
-Clean the shower & toilet
-Move Jaiden's dresser to clean behind it & replace the ceiling =/

We had a leak in jaiden room where the drain in from the ceiling so the whole corner ceiling has to come out and be replaced and the paint has to be stripped and repainted =/ FUN lol

So yeah lots & lots to do!!!

I will have a picture entry tonight for you guy of Jaiden

Okay so I have to go get jaiden out of the tub and down or a nap... Here is a pic of jaiden for u all




previous entry: 00008. 2 Hours

next entry: 00010. Oh My, Pictures =]

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