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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

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00008. 2 Hours



So... First let me tell you how may day went and then I will explain the title!! lol =D

So i mentioned in the last entry I believe that I dislocated my right knee again. Well oddly enough when I went to bed Saturday night I woke up in serious pain Sunday morning. But the odd part, it wasn't my right knee hurting, it was my left! I can't straighten my left knee for the life of me, So last night after working 8 hours I was able to, I got use to working so my leg was fine...I spoke too soon... I woke up again in pain and not able to straighten my left leg again... can u say WTF???? Normally I wouldn't care but I had a lot of cleaning to do...

So anyways, I took the big couch apart and scrubbed it down, and vacuumed the inside, still looks like crap, but whatever, I can only do so much!! I had lunch with Jaiden. He had shells and meatballs and I had a turkey cheese & ranch dressing wrap =P YUMMY. There was suppose to be bacon on it but i had none. It's called a California Wrap =D

I'm slowly weaning into this diet of just fruits & veggies, Why am i weaning into it? I hate veggies, so i have to get use to forcing myself to eat them!! I'm in need of a diet. I don't want to be some super skinny tooth pick. I just wanna lose weight for my health and being able to do stuff without losing my breathe all the time...

So yeah anyways, I didn't do much cleaning lol Ill finish is tonight probably, Anyways, I also might have found a buyer for Jaiden walker =D Yippee!!!! lol Its the Bright Start around we go! He loves it but he getting new stuff so out with the old and in with the new =D

So yeah about the title.. Katie, Jaiden's baby sitter has a new director at her job and this woman refuses to work with Katie. Katie can't open [which is at 6am] because she has kids she takes to school including her little sister who she basically raised [haha this kid choose to live with her sister rather then here mom, lol & shes only 6 lol [do not that Katie does have a good mom tho] lol] so anyways this woman wont help her. I got this news at 5pm... =/ so at the time I was running to to store to get some fruit, wipe & a few other things, and i so wanted to cry I just couldn't, not it front of my brother... So Nick took me to the store then we went to Lowes so he could pay his bill I got home & cried.. I let it out I then got on the computer and called 1 lady who was willing to watch Jaiden b4 and she didn't want to because of how much i was paying and where i lived and blah blah blah, So i e-mailed another girl and hadn't heard back from her... so i freaked some more.... lol

I message my best friend Valerie and she gave me the number to her step brother girlfriend who said yes to watching Jaiden for $20 bucks a day.. can you say YIPPEE!!!!!! lol

The part that sucks.... Its gonna take 2 hours to get to work.. =[

Tomorrow I have work 12-8 I have to leave here at 10:05 to catch the 66 bus at 10:21, get off at Britt's block [Valerie's step brothers girl] walked to her house.
Leave her house at 10:45 to catch the 84 at 11:06 to make it to work by 12... UGH not looking forward to this!!! but i will do it!!!! Id be happier if I wasn't in so much pain with my leg!!!

So yes this was my wonderful freaking day!!!

oh i forgot to mention, Jaiden through fit after fit after fit!!!!! =/

The pic below is Jaiden last summer.. When he was a peanut =D

previous entry: 00007. Christmas Cards

next entry: 00009. When it Can, It Will

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