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Zephyr Phoenix
by zephyrphoenix

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I guess I am new here. Not really good with intros but I'm Zephyr Phoenix or Sammy if you prefer. I live in Canada and I like photography, Pokemon, and simming. If I like this, I'll stay ... I think I will.

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Hey Sammy!

Love a spot of photography - I have not been out to take any pics for quite a while now though - I need to get on that soon I think!

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Very cool. I have some pix on FB that I can put on here. I fancy myself an amateur though...

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Welcome to Bloop! We really hope you like it here. Check out Theme of the Week and our Discussion boards. We also do our staff meetings live on YouTube! Check out Team Bloop, our information diary that keeps your informed.

Feel free to explore the site! There are new friends here waiting to meet you! If you need anything, you can ask me. I am the Community Companion (aka cheerleader and tour guide).

Beth, Community Companion

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