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I'm still ZenJen
by ZenJenZ

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Returned to work


Returned to work Today. Was out sick all weekend. Plus the 2 days off before the weekend...5 days off in a row. 

Why do I not feel rested? 

Tomorrow I get off work and start my weekend... and my girls are taking me to the Beach 🏖️. SHOULD be awesome. The ocean 🌊 always revitalizes me. 

Tonight... cleaning, prepping, and finish packing. 

previous entry: Sunset....

next entry: SlugBug

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Have fun at the beach! I'm jealous

[bifempagan|0 likes] [|reply]

Hopefully the beach🏖 will calm you. I’d give anything to be at the beach right now. I live in Arizona and we are having record temps, heat advisories and whatnot. Even the mountain parts of Arizona are having high temps!! If only we had the time and money 💴 to get to San Diego. It is a 7 hr drive from here. Hopefully, you will find some solace!!!

[Ethan JamesStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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